Emergency Management

Emergency Management

The IEMA mission is to develop and maintain a comprehensive plan to prepare for, respond to, and recover from, all types of major emergencies that might occur in the town.

This is accomplished by working daily to coordinate the cooperation of various town departments, volunteer units, regional partners, and other organizations that would have a role in any major emergency.

During a major disaster or emergency, response and recovery activities are coordinated from the Towns Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  From the EOC, heads of various departments and agencies work in a unified command, following ICS gridlines to respond to the emergency.

The Ipswich Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) provides planning, training, exercises, and educational outreach programs related to natural and man-made disasters to assist and prepare citizens, government agencies, and private/non-profit organizations prior to, during, and after a local emergency or disaster. The office also manages the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during any major emergency or disaster and activates emergency warning systems.

IEMA also works as an inter-agency coordinator in partnership with local, state, federal, and private entities to provide comprehensive planning, response, mitigation, and recovery capabilities for all hazard potentials facing the Town of Ipswich. Our office is also responsible for emergency communications for the community in the event of a large-scale failure

Our “goal” is to prepare our town citizens to cope with any type of emergency.

Contact Us

If you have an emergency Dial 911.


The direct line to Ipswich Emergency Management is (978) 356-4343.

Please note: This line goes directly to voice mail. Please leave a detailed message and your call will be returned.

For more pressing needs that are non-emergency, Director Hubbard can be reached at the Ipswich Police Department by calling (978) 356-4343, extension 4105.

You can also email us.  If you have concerns you would like to send via email they can be directed to Director Hubbard.