Ipswich Police Share Update on Town Wharf Project

IPSWICH — Police Chief and Harbormaster Paul A. Nikas would like to share an update on the construction work for the boat ramp and ramp walls at the Town Wharf.

In mid-April, crews began working to replace the ramp walls and structure, and cap the sea wall. However, in mid-May it was announced that further study of the structure had revealed that it needed to be fully replaced due to structural deficiencies.

Residents are unable to use the boat launch at this time and are asked to avoid the area while the work is being done.

Work is still on schedule to be completed by Monday, June 15.

While the area is closed, Ipswich residents have been given restricted use of the Town of Essex boat launch, located at 74 Main St., so that they may launch and steer their boat to an Ipswich mooring for the season.

Residents will only be able to use the Essex launch on the following days:

  • Tuesday, June 2
  • Wednesday, June 3
  • Tuesday, June 9
  • Wednesday, June 10

No fee or special pass is required to use the boat launch.

No parking is available for Ipswich residents at the Essex boat launchBoaters will need to have someone with them who is able to move their vehicle and trailer away from the area while the boat drives to its destination.

A list of other local boat launches can be found here.

The project is being funded and overseen by the Fishing and Boat Access Office of the Massachusetts State Department of Fish and Game.

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